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Praxis is a small, patient-centric medical clinic in San Antonio.  We help patients look, act and feel young again.  Our practice helps restore wellness, energy and vigor by prescribing medical solutions that address the cause, not just the symptoms.*  

Are you experiencing any of these unwanted symptoms?

For new patients, the initial consultation is at no cost to you.  Call for an appointment in San Antonio:  (210) 541-5979

Our team optimizes health through prescription medication, hormone analysis and balancing, nutrient IV therapy and The Myers' Cocktail, the BioTE®  Medical Hormone Pellet Therapy, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT), high-quality vitamins and no-knife cosmetic treatment (BOTOX, PRPfillers, microneedlingThe VI Peel) to counteract the negative effects of aging.*  

Your Praxis medical provider will help you create a plan to restore your body to optimum balance, renewed vitality and physical well-being!  

Call now to schedule an appointment in San Antonio:  (210) 541-5979 No cost for your initial consultation.  

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