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"At Praxis, we don't just care for you. We care about you."

Praxis Wellness Center specializes in restoring patients to full energy, vitality and health. Our Medical Director and a team of physician assistants and nurses are licensed by the Texas Medical Board and the Texas Board of Nursing. Praxis also employs medical assistants and lab techs who are certified in phlebotomy, personal nutrition, routine clinical procedures and treatments.

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Don’t accept that it’s “OLD AGE?”  Look, act and feel years younger with medical help. 

Our clinic treats adult men and women who encounter the unwanted symptoms associated with natural aging.  Sometimes called “old age,” these symptoms can usually be eliminated through prescription medication, hormone analysis and balancing, nutrient IV therapy, hormone optimization, BioTE Hormone Pellet Therapy and facial cosmetic treatment (BOTOX, PRP and fillers) to counteract the negative effects of aging.

Your Praxis medical provider will help you create a plan to restore your body to optimum balance, renewed vitality and physical well-being!

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