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Vitamin B12 is one of the most important vitamins with a long list of benefits that most of us need. Our bodies do not produce B12 internally, so most Americans rely on meat, milk and and eggs as the primary source of the vitamin.

A B12 deficiency is very common, particularly among dieters who are eating mostly salads, fruits and vegetables. This causes health concerns because Vitamin B12 is key in the formulation of our nerves and red blood cells. Red blood cells carry oxygen throughout our body.

And B12 plays a key role in digestion, since it binds to proteins in the digestive process and increases the body’s ability to utilize the minerals from the foods we eat.

Benefits of weekly Vitamin B12 injections include fat burning, an increase in energy, improved digestion, increases in metabolic rate and increases in oxygen availability.* You can also fortify your B12 with Lipo-EXTREME, a fat burner.

Your body cannot produce Vitamin B12, so you must get it from your diet, highly effective supplements or through prescriptive pharmaceuticals injected into the body. Praxis recommends receiving one Vitamin B12 injection per week.

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