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Praxis Wellness Center specializes in overall wellness and the treatment of unwanted weight gain, unhealthy deposits of body fat, age-related declines and hormone imbalance. We focus on medical solutions that achieve results!


Praxis Weight Loss

  • Your weight loss program is medically supervised.
  • We teach you strategies to lose weight . . . and keep it off through education, appetite management and activity.
  • Prescription appetite suppressants can help stifle food cravings and may be part of the solution.
  • A hormone optimization program is also available to help defeat weight and other unwanted symptoms.

The key to successful results includes an attainable diet plan, an exercise regimen and a support team to encourage and measure progress. You are not alone. Your Praxis medical provider will help you establish weight-related goals and monitor results.*

The photos here are of actual patients who have allowed us to share their results.

*Results will vary from patient to patient.




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