Fat Burners and HCG as an effective weight loss tool

Fat Burners. You’ve heard of fat burners, the pills and supplements that supposedly melt body fat like ice cream on a summer day, right? Not exactly. Fat burners are dietary supplements, designed with ingredients to give you an extra boost to help burn fat. But fat burners alone cannot replace a solid diet and exercise plan.

HCG injections and the HCG Diet are associated with dramatic weight loss; up to a pound a day.* A successful HCG program includes a diet plan and limited exercise. Click here for more information.

MIC Fat Burner Injections. MIC is an injection used to facilitate weight loss and boost energy. MIC helps convert food into energy and breaks down fat.* It is comprised of Methionine, Inositol, and Choline.More info.

B12 Injections, Lipotropic Fat Burner Shots. Our bodies cannot prodice Vitamin B12, so we must get it from our diet, prescriptive pharmaceuticals or highly effective supplements. Benefits of Vitamin B12 injections include fat burning, an increase in energy, improved digestion, increases in metabolic rate and increases in oxygen availability.* Praxis recommends receiving one Vitamin B12 injection per week. Click here for details and pricing.


Results need to be measured

Your Praxis provider will record your starting point when you begin your weight loss program. This will include an InBody Analysis to measure your fat mass, muscle mass, total body water, skeletal muscle mass, a segmental analysis of fat and lean weight (right/left arm; right/left leg and trunk) and beginning weight. After all, you won’t know if your weight loss program is working if you don’t measure results against your starting point.


Your results may vary. Certain people react better to certain ingredients in fat burners, so what works best for one person may not necessarily work best for another. After two to three weeks, we will assess progress and if you aren’t seeing the results you had hoped for, we will consider prescribing a different product instead. By keeping a close eye on your progress over time, we can compare results so you can find the fat burner that’s ideal for you.

If you stick to your diet and exercise plan, write down your fat loss expectations, take a fat burner according to directions, don’t overdo the stimulants and measure progress, you’ll find that prescribed diet supplements, lipotropics, MIC and HCG injections can work.

Results may vary.*
Your Praxis medical provider will help you customize a program to restore your body to optimum shape and balance.
No appointment needed for fat burner injections. Walk-in’s welcome.
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