What is Low Testosterone?

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Testosterone is a hormone produced naturally by the body. It is needed by men and women in order to build lean muscle.

Testosterone helps maintain energy, mood, bone strength, sex drive, sexual function, muscle mass and endurance. 

Most of the testosterone in a man’s body is produced in the testicles.  But women also need testosterone to build lean muscle and maintain endurance, bone strength, mood and sexual function.

After the age of 30, testosterone and other critical hormones and chemicals, including Human Growth Hormone (HGH), begin to deplete, yielding many of the same symptoms as Low-T.  It’s an unfortunate and often frustrating fact that affects our ability to stay strong, healthy and sexually fit.

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Normal levels of testosterone.

Just as with cholesterol or blood pressure, the U. S. Food & Drug Administration has established ranges for testosterone that are considered normal (300 – 1000 ng/dL).  The brain and the testicles work together to keep testosterone in this range. When everything is working in harmony, the brain signals the testicles to make more testosterone as levels drop. When testosterone levels reach a normal level, the brain signals the testicles to make less.

What causes low testosterone?

Low-T occurs when the testicles can no longer produce normal levels of testosterone. And sometimes a signaling problem between the brain and the testicles interrupts the natural production of testosterone. If the brain feels the body has too much testosterone, it may instruct the testicles to cut production altogether.

So, it is normal for men to lose the ability to maintain testosterone levels as they age. You are not alone. Low-T affects more than 13 million men it he U. S. over the age of 45.

Through bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT), your medical provider can replenish depleted hormone levels with just a few simple office visits.*

So, do you have Low-T?

Here is a link to 11 Warning Signs of Low-T. If any symptoms apply to you, please call (210) 541-5979 to speak with a Praxis medical specialist. Or click the button below to schedule a confidential appointment.  

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Testosterone Replacement Therapy Options

Your Praxis medical provider can easily diagnose low testosterone with a simple blood test. You view your results on a chart to see where you are relative to “normal.” If out of balance, there are testosterone replacement therapy options to bring your levels back into the normal range. These options include:

  • BioTE pellet insertion
  • Intramuscular injections
  • Sublingual troches taken daily
  • Testosterone creams that are applied daily to the shoulders, upper arms or abdomen, in the privacy of your own home

Each of these options provides adequate levels of hormone replacement. Some come with side effects, so the doctor will discuss the right therapy for you.

Praxis Wellness Center provides straightforward and candid solutions for Low-T. This will be discussed with you privately at a testosterone replacement therapy consultation.*

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